Your Digital Presence on LinkedIn

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Your Digital Presence on LinkedIn

By Tourism Kamloops

A Social Media – Intro to LinkedIn

Would you be proud of the first 3 websites that popped up if someone googled you right now? Go ahead, google yourself for a moment.

Is LinkedIn 1 of the 3 websites that popped up? If not, let’s update your digital presence to accurately reflect your unique, professional self. LinkedIn is a popular, business-to-business networking platform for individuals and businesses. Whether you are entering the job market or an established business, here are suggestions to stand out in the professional world.

Why Do I Need a LinkedIn Profile?

Have you ever wanted to stay in touch with clients, but a Facebook friend request seemed too personal? Have you ever split ways with a company and lost touch with past colleagues or suppliers? LinkedIn is the platform where you can (and you should) connect with individuals who you’ve built rapport within your career.  

Take a moment and google yourself. Now, think about how many resumes you have submitted or all the clients you have pitched in the last five years. If you want your digital profile to be an accurate reflection of you, prioritizing your LinkedIn profile ahead of cleaning up your Facebook feed. 

For example, if you recently received your Professional Engineer license, share the news and tag Engineers & Geoscientists BC in your post. If you presented at TEDx Vancouver, add the milestone to your profile and include a link if the presentation is online.

Example: Acacia Pangilinan shared a career milestone in the ‘Accomplishments’ profile section with the title, date, awarding body, and more.

Does My Business Need a LinkedIn Page?

Yes. LinkedIn is a valuable platform to stay connected with both clients, competitors, and the broader business community.

Shareable content for businesses includes:

  • Annual reports. Consider sharing a link to your website if this Annual Report is live or a downloadable PDF
  • Training Opportunities. Write 1-2 sentences of upcoming webinars or training sessions and link to registration details.
  • Industry News. Knowledge is power so empower your network with white papers, open surveys, and relevant data.  

Example: Tourism Kamloops promoted its SuperHost workshop to its stakeholders & followers

Functions for businesses includes:

  • Posting career opportunities. Use the Jobs tab to post career opportunities in 10 minutes.
  • Searching for potential candidates.
  • Maintaining relationships with clients. Stay in the loop with your clients and celebrate their successes too.

Example: Sun Peaks Resort posted upcoming, seasonal opportunities on the Jobs section.

Tips & Tricks

  • Spend time curating your profile. Add relevant details to your work experience, education, licensees, and volunteer experience sections.
  • Don’t re-post viral cat videos. LinkedIn is a professional platform. Emojis and witty captions are encouraged if it’s professional.
  • Make your LinkedIn profile pop with a custom LinkedIn Banner on Canva.
  • If you’re actively seeking opportunities, trial LinkedIn Premium free for 1 month for extra features.

Kamloops Mayor Ken Christian reposted the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce’s article and included perspective from the municipal government.

Whether you’re a job seeker or business, establishing a strong LinkedIn profile will build credibility and trust. Enjoy the social platform and be inspired by movers & shakers in your network. 

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