Tourism Kamloops is Luv’n the Loops

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Tourism Kamloops is Luv’n the Loops

The Tourism Kamloops crew is taking over the YKAStrong Instagram account for the week to share what we do and how you can take part in the Luv’n the Loops Passport.

Who We Are

We’re stoked to share who we are, what we do, our top fall recommendations for things to experience in Kamloops and shed a light on our projects in 2020. Our team of 12 dabbles in communications, destination development, marketing, and stakeholder relations in order to promote Kamloops as a valued tourism destination.

The tourism industry is increasingly competitive, and our role is to ensure Kamloops stands out from competing destinations. Kamloops’ access to natural amenities, affordability, cultural scene, range of outdoor adventure, and unexpected experiences are just few reasons potential travelers choose to vacation here.

Swipe through for a glimpse of tourism products we promote to potential travelers outside of Kamloops.
✨ Western Canada Theatre
✨ Fun Factor
✨ Mountain biking in Lac Du Bois with Mostly Mental Shuttles
✨ Skiing at Harper Mountain

What We Do

Top of the Ferris Wheel at BrewLoops event 2018. Showcase of Tourism Kamloops collaborating with event planners in Kamloops.

What does Tourism Kamloops do you ask?

We promote Kamloops through different avenues such as:
💡Advocating at a regional & provincial level for tourism operators
💡Marketing Kamloops as a valued destination
💡Hosting tours for media, travel trade, and front-line staff in tourism
💡Collaborating with event planners in Kamloops to market their events
💡Provide training to front-line staff working in tourism

Who are Kamloops’ Visitors?

Who comes to Kamloops for tourism and why? Great questions!

Sport, meeting, film, event, and leisure are all traveler types who come to Kamloops to experience our city year-round.

Visitor types – like individuals – have unique preferences, budgets, and lifestyles, which means a range of local businesses feel the economic benefit of the visitor economy. Swipe for venues & local businesses that support the needs from unique traveler types.

🐻 – Clover at @bcwildlifepark
🚲 – Mountain biking in Kenna Cartwright Nature Park
🍷 – @privatowine
🏊‍♂️ – TCC Pool (@gotruwolfpack)
⛳️  – @tobianogolf
🎬 – Outrunners film set

(Photos taken prior to covid)

What is Luv’n the Loops?

Kamloops’ tourism industry relies on diverse, creative, and amazing local businesses to support the range of tourists we welcome to the city.

This is where @luvntheloops comes in. Luv’n the Loops advocates for Kamloops’ visitor economy to get residents & visitors out exploring our amazing city to ensure that every Kamloopsian can list off 3 things to experience any day of the year.

Tune into our podcast or log into the digital passport to learn more about our city and the individuals behind the scenes. In the meantime, 3 amazing things we recommend to experience this season include:

🎣 – Fly fishing at one of the 100 lakes within an hour’s drive
🎥 – Renting out the Paramount Theatre for family movie night with the @kamloopsfilmsociety
📹 – Experiencing Luminocity in downtown Kamloops with the @kamloopsartgallery

Luv’n the Loops Passport

Calling all team leaders and business owners! 📣

We challenge your business to experience 3 new tourism products with the Luv’n the Loops Passport this fall.

The @luvntheloops passport is a free, digital passport that BC residents can use to experience 30+ Kamloops attractions until June 2021.

How it Works:

– Create your individual account at
– Scan the QR code at participating passport locations
– Receive a unique discount and get entered to win prizes year-round
– Follow @luvntheloops for hump day giveaways + seasonal contests

Don’t forget to share your team adventures with #luvntheloops for a chance to be featured.

Tourism Industry in the Community

Shirley, tasting room attendant at Monte Creek Ranch Winery pouring wine.

Shirley, pictured here, is one of the tasting room attendants at @montecreekranch and is one of the reasons Kamloops’ visitor economy was valued at $500 million in 2019. Kamloops’ tourism industry has creative, hard-working, and friendly staff that make our city stand out from other destinations.

The global tourism industry has been hard hit during covid-19 and Kamloops was no exception. However, our community– from farmers market managers to gas station attendants to film fest volunteers – is just one of our competitive advantages to reinvigorate the visitor economy this fall, winter, and beyond.

We are so glad you read our tourism tidbits this week. We encourage you to write reviews, leave a tip, and give a shout out to individuals and businesses that go above and beyond to make Kamloops a unique destination.

📷: @kathleenfisherphotography

Thanks for joining along this week. Check out our friends, Downtown Kamloops’ takeover last week and stay tuned for the North Shore BIA this coming weekend.

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