Supporting Kamloops Like a Local

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Supporting Kamloops Like a Local

Local ambassador @lifeof3nelis exploring Kamloops.

Hi everyone, my name is Christine and I will be sharing what I love about Kamloops and focus on businesses who’ve truly amped up their COVID-19 protocols so the community can enjoy and feel safe. Each week I will feature three local businesses that I have visited or been in contact with by sharing my experience and highlighting what I love about each business.

Salty Fig Catering

Charcuterie board from Salty Fig Catering.

My first feature is Salty Fig Catering. Last Friday, my husband and I hosted a cozy little outdoor dinner and wanted to have some part of it catered. I had seen one of my friends post about Nicole’s charcuterie boards on Instagram and was super excited to give her a call. I went on her website and loved how she had a write up about COVID-19 and the protocols she’s following while preparing food. I sent her an email, at quite short notice might I add, and later that day, I received a call from her saying she could totally accommodate our little backyard dinner. Nicole was easy to work with…she delivered the charcuterie board on the day of our dinner & made the process easy! I love that she also works with local businesses and I found out that she gets all her meats from Chop N Block. She also pickles all her own veg, which I thought was super cool as well. The charcuterie board was a work of art (it even featured flowers from local The Delighted Farmer) and definitely an impressive little add-on to our get together.

Chop N Block

Ambassador @lifeof3nelis enjoying steaks from Chop N Block

My second feature is Chop N Block. My husband called down the morning of our dinner party and asked if we could get a prime rib because well who doesn’t love a good cut of meat! They said they could definitely do that for us and so we headed down to pick it up. When we arrived, it was all ready to go. The shop is small but they are only letting a certain amount of people in there at a time, all staff were wearing masks, and we were in and out in a timely manner. The selection of meats, cheeses, spreads, rubs…etc was quite impressive. Needless to say, the prime rib was a hit and probably the highlight of the night; my husband said it was “HIS” best prime rib he had ever made. We also picked up a brisket, some steaks, and some of their yummy pepperoni while there. I love knowing that my family and I are eating organic meat and know where it is coming from. We will definitely be visiting again soon to stock up. 

Cordo Resto + Bar

Ambassador @lifeof3nelis enjoying a dish on the sidewalk patio at Cordo Resto + Bar.

My final feature this week is on Cordo Resto + Bar. A few weeks back, we visited there for a date night. We sat on their cozy little patio and instantly felt like we were sitting at some hip little restaurant downtown Vancouver. We loved everything we ordered and our server was awesome too, so friendly and answered all our questions we had about the menu. My husband always likes to ask “what would you recommend?” It’s a great way to try different things and not just stick to what you normally order. The other night we visited again and were not disappointed. Great food, great service, and a great spot to take your family too. If you are looking for a new place to try, this should be next on your list.

Stay tuned for next week to see where my family ventures off to next.

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