Supporting Downtown Kamloops

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Supporting Downtown Kamloops

Downtown Kamloops Team

Hello everyone! We are excited to be taking over YKAStrong and giving you a little peek into what we do here at Downtown Kamloops. Follow along for the ride and let us know what you love most about our beautiful downtow😍

Whether you are looking for fantastic shopping, a great place to eat, fun activities to partake in, or places to stroll, downtown Kamloops has something for everyone. We are proud of our community and invite you to experience the vibrant arts and culture scene, exciting and diverse business district, beautiful tree-lined streets and restored heritage buildings in a safe manner this fall #openwithcare.

WHAT’S THE BIA ALL ABOUT? ➡️ The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association AKA Downtown Kamloops, is a member of @biabc and we provide value to our members through advocacy, beautification, promotion, development and preservation of Downtown Kamloops. We are committed to maintaining a vibrant and livable downtown that is the focal point of Kamloops. The amount of work that goes into maintaining a livable and workable downtown core is immense and we couldn’t do it without the cooperation and help of all the businesses who call Downtown Kamloops home. Our area encompasses the west side of Tenth Avenue, the north side of Columbia St., the east side of First Avenue, and the Thompson River.

Downtown Kamloops is Open With Care

Downtown Kamloops is #openwithcare and all our business are taking extra precautions to ensure that you stay safe and healthy.

We want to remind our community to support your local businesses. They help by giving back to our community and help it stay strong together.

How can you help #OpenWithCare?
✅Wear A Mask
✅Social Distance
✅Support Local
✅Be Kind

Things To Do

Exploring the Back Alley Art Gallery in Downtown Kamloops

DYK there are loads of family-friendly activities you can do that are safe?

😃 Take a self-guided tour through the Back Alley Art Gallery

😍 Enjoy the @kamloopsartgallery for free every Thursday

🤓 Visit @kamloopsmuseum or check out their virtual exhibits

😉 Indulge in a local brew at one of the 3 local breweries in downtown

😃 @kamloopsartcouncil is free every day and so much more.

There’s something for everyone so enjoy this fall safely at your pace!

Member Spotlight

CML Properties Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association Member

Meet CML Properties – a family run business with strong, local roots in Kamloops, BC. They specialize in comprehensive management of commercial, residential and condominium properties. Since 1980, CML Properties has built and maintained a strong reputation for superior property management in the province of British Columbia.

🌆The Neighbourhood Alliance represents a collection of businesses who are actively interested in contributing to the development of Downtown Kamloops. The Alliance Membership was created to enable closer working relationships with our amazing downtown businesses who see the value of supporting the big picture and enhancing the vibrancy of downtown.

Would you like to learn more? We can converse by phone or better yet, mask up and meet you in person over some brews…(coffee or other🍺).

CAP Team

Downtown Kamloops CAP Team

While many people see the CAP Team in the summer months, did you know that the team is year-round? Even in the snow, the CAP Team is working to provide special customer care and patrol!

The CAP team is responsible for:
✅Safety and Patrol in downtown
✅ Downtown Ambassadors

🤓DYK CAP is trained by partners such as: @rockymountaineer, White Crane Gung Fu Society, CMHA, Ask Wellness, Interior Health, @kamloopsartgallery, Kamloops Immigrant Services, St. Johns Ambulance, City of Kamloops, RCMP, and Tourism Kamloops.

As a business in downtown, you can reach out to our team for Safety Walks Mon – Sat based on availability.

A Storybook Village

Frozen Float at Downtown Kamloops Santa Claus Parade 2019.

The 40th Annual Santa Claus Parade (A Non-Parade), presented by Thompson Rivers University (TRU) returns from Sunday, November 29th till Tuesday, December 29th and Downtown Kamloops would like to invite you to join the biggest outdoor celebration of the year!🌠

A change from the past year…this year we will transform downtown into an immersive drive-through/walk-through experience. 🌲

Imagine, if you will, parade decorations displayed not on Christmas floats, but rather, on the fronts of our downtown businesses. Lights, ornaments, characters, music, and window paint could be set up on business fronts throughout the downtown core. Instead of having people line our streets to watch the parade pass their location, we could create a ‘drive-through’ parade environment whereby residents, locals, and visitors could drive or walk through downtown and experience each of the displays at their leisure.

Each area in downtown will be a “storybook” and each storefront will represent a page from the selected “storybook”. Whether it’s your favourite traditional holiday story or something new and exciting, we promise to take you on a journey with a tale to interest each one of you.📖

Thanks for following! Check out our friends Kamloops Chamber of Commerce‘s takeover from last week and stay tuned to see who is next.

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