Mental and Physical Wellness. Same Same, but Different

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Mental and Physical Wellness. Same Same, but Different

By Tourism Kamloops

Let’s be clear. Mental health is like physical health. Everybody has it, but on varying levels. You can’t see someone’s stress, depression, or anxiety like you see a broken limb. Nonetheless, we need to treat our mental health like our physical heath.

The current climate around the world is nerve-wracking and may feel overwhelming at certain times of the day. You may be coping with this crisis in a completely different way than your partner or colleague. You might be more exaggerated with your emotions whereas your partner might be quieter than usual. Nobody’s response is better or worse than the other.

Drawing on inspiration from HealthLink BC & Interior Health Authority, here are 5 tips to support strong mental health during the COVID-19 crisis.

Maintain Routine

You may be working from home or temporarily laid off. It is easy to fall out of routine and lose purpose in your daily life. Recognize this and schedule activities to keep you on track everyday.

For example, commit to eating meals at your regular time, exercise at set times, and go to bed at the same time as usual. Unstructured schedules can create waves of boredom, anxiety, or both. Make 3 goals everyday and commit to them.

Limit Your Media Intake

The COVID-19 situation changes daily and media outlets across Canada are doing an incredible job reporting the facts around the clock. Do not get caught up refreshing your Twitter feed every 10 minutes. Like your routine, schedule timeframes each day to consume media on your computer, phone, or tv.

Ensure that articles you read are from reputable organizations and read up on with positive news stories such as:

Reach out

Kamloopsians are candid, honest, and down to earth. This is why Kamloops’ business community is strong and tight knit. Message a colleague or someone in your business network to check-in. We are in this situation together and we will work through it together. 

Practice self-care

Breathe in fresh air. Get your hands dirty by planting vegetables and herbs in small planters. Take a walk along the Rivers Trail. Or, cozy up on the couch. Read the book you received in your Christmas stocking. Bring out boardgames – or get them delivered by All Aboard Games- and challenge your family to a game of Risk or Yahtzee.

Taking care of yourself means that you can take care of others such as your work family, extended family, and clients.

Seek help

You know your physical and mental well-being better than anyone else. If you are having trouble managing your mental health, please connect with the following resources.

  • First Nations Health Authority Crisis Response Line. 1-800-588-8717
  • Interior BC Crisis Line: 1-888-353-2273
  • Provincial Crisis Line: 1-800-784-2433
  • BC Mental Health Support Line: 250-310-6789
  • Health Link BC – 24/7, confidential health information advice. Call 8-1-1.

Remember, mental health is like physical health – everyone has it, but on varying levels. Please know that you are not alone in what you are feeling and there are many avenues to work on mental wellness.

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