Kamloops This Week Support #ykastrong Campaign

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Kamloops This Week Support #ykastrong Campaign

Kamloops This Week is pleased and proud to support the #ykastrong campaign with a new full page campaign in our print edition beginning in May. 

KTW will publish a full page of business-friendly content sourced from the ykastrong.com website, with special ad banner positions on the bottom. These positions will provide a perfect space for business-to-business advertising and include 20,000 ad impressions on kamloopsthisweek.com (total value of $754) for only $199, with 50% of all proceeds going directly towards supporting the #ykastrong campaign. 

KTW will also hold a special monthly draw from all participating businesses for an additional 100,000 online ad impressions on kamloopsthisweek.com (value $2,300)!

To participate, contact sales@kamloopsthisweek.com and ask for the #ykastrong support package offer.

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