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By Tourism Kamloops

Applications for grants, awards, and loans for businesses can feel time-consuming, challenging, and repetitive. Here are 6 tips for a stronger funding application to stand out.

Read the Fine Print

Before you begin writing an application, read the criteria checklist at least 3 times.

For example, sponsor organizations may fund community events, but not if alcohol is being poured. Sponsor organizations may fund summer camps, but not if it’s a camp exclusive to one’s religion. Sponsor organizations may fund co-op students, but only in a fall or winter semester. Read the fine details before investing time in one application.

Using Simple Language

The sponsor may not have context of your industry, organization, or community that you operate in. Write with the assumption that the reader is new to Canada and English is their second language.

Consider writing “Kamloops is in the Thompson-Okanagan region in British Columbia” instead of “the city’s in the Interior”.

Likewise, consider writing, “The BC Association of Farmers’ Markets is a non-profit that supports 145+ markets in 5 regions of British Columbia” instead of “our non-profit works with dozens of groups in the province”.

Be Succinct  

Detail where the received dollars will be allocated. Answer the following questions: Where will the funding go? What is the time frame? Who will it benefit? 

For example, “awarded funding will go towards hiring a part-time student from the Faculty of Science at Thompson Rivers University from May 2020-September 2020.”

Another example includes, “upon receiving funding, the Operations Manager will order 1 X-Ray from X-Labs to support the increasing demand of large animals at our veterinary clinic.”

Share Successes

Be proud of awards & accolades that your business has won before and mention it once.

For example, “Harper’s Trail Winery received the Platinum Medal at the 2019 BC Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards in Kelowna, BC. This award shows our commitment to quality wine and sustainable crops.”

 If applicable, ask for letters of recommendation from community partners or clients to enhance your application.

View It from The Sponsor’s Perspective

Consider the person-or committee- reading your application. They may receive thousands of applications a year.

What makes you stand out from a competitor or another applicant? Are your educational programs unique in the region? Are your retail products locally sourced or fair trade certified? Will your project create new, skilled job opportunities?


Last, but not least, edit your application multiple times. Print out your application, read it out loud, and scribble your edits with a red pen before making edits on your computer.  

Your organization may have the most ambitious projects and need for funding; however, basic grammatical errors can fragment applications and frustrate a reader to the point they stop reading.Take advantage of free software like Grammarly – an app that integrates into Google Chrome that highlights spelling errors.

For a comprehensive list of business funding opportunities, go to YKA Strong’s business funding page. Similarly, use these 6 tips to rework your resume & cover letter in the future.

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