COVID-19 Insights + Tools for the Construction and Building Industry

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COVID-19 Insights + Tools for the Construction and Building Industry

While the construction and trades industry is pushing forward during these times of uncertainty, there are ongoing questions as to what are safe work practices and what adjustments should be considered.

The Canadian Home Builders Association is working hard to provide timely information to help guide those in full operations, as well as those seeing business reductions.

CHBA Draft Guidelines for Operating During COVID-19

While the association is not a health authority, therefore not in a position to make definitive recommendations, given the circumstances CHBA has put together Guidelines for Operating During COVID-19 for our members. This is a living document, open for discussion and input from members across the country who are on job sites and adjusting their business practices to follow the recommendations and requirements of their local health authorities, while also finding innovative ways to be most efficient, productive and safe. If you have any feedback or contributions you’d like to make – whether it’s something different your company is doing, or challenges you’re facing that need to be addressed, please contact

Approvals, Permits & Inspection Process during COVID-19

There are a series of stages, approvals and inspections throughout a building process, but there are also adjustments happening to ensure the health and safety of work sites and workers. For further insights into what you might expect and what changes you might see click here.

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