#ykastrong is a combined strategy from 10 Kamloops business community leaders working together to produce a streamlined communication and engagement strategy addressing COVID-19 and the effects on business in Kamloops. 


Ensure Kamloops’ business stakeholders receive relevant and timely information and are provided important and necessary tools to endure this crisis


To deliver facts from credible sources, prepare tools for resilience and recovery, and provide resources for business continuity.

Get Social

Follow along on Instagram with @yka_strong or #ykastrong or check out the LOCALS page to see stories of community pride and passion.

The Pledge

I promise to regularly connect with my neighbours from this day on.
I promise to support local businesses, if and when it is safe to do so.
I promise to show gratitude to front-line workers across industries.
I hereby declare that, from this moment on, I am a proud Kamloops ambassador.